Hunting Stories

"Once upon a time…. A farm in the west !"

The Wolmar is also driven from personal stories high in emotion, adventure and success. Our friends hunters share a few with you. No, this is not a ranch in the American west! But a very nice hunting domain of more than 800 hectares of the property of MARCO, located in the west of Mauritius Island.

Having stayed on the island in 2009 for a couple of days during vacation, i tried the big game fishing ...

During the first hour at sea, a marlin was already of resistance ... Hard struggle, but an unexpected result: a black marlin of 450 lb.

When i returned back to this beautiful island this year, I made the acquaintance of Johan VALLET, manager of the property of Marco, during a mauritian evening.

Hunting Stories of WolmarHunting Stories of WolmarHunting Stories of Wolmar

He offered me to discover the hunting field situated less than 5 minutes away of the most beautiful hotels in Wolmar at FLIC en Flac.

The meeting was fixed immediately for Saturday morning.

Getting used for many years to the African savannas and mountains of Asia, I was a little sceptical about this new type of hunting.

The first hour is devoted to small prey: hares, partridges, guinea fowl ... Five minutes of walk in a very moist lowland, first departure from Hare, first shot and ... first miss ! But by the end of an hour, 6 hares and a partridge. This hunt is not as easy as it seems, because the animals slip under your feet and they are many to surprise you . Returning to the home of the guards, and after a little rest, departure for the hunting of deer. Having seen a lot of animals, it seems to me very easy. I have chosen to draw a fawn to begin. Armed with a rifle MANLICHER 30.06 we approached slowly on a plain area to discover and where the winds direction changes do not facilitate the task. The animals are on the edge of the wood so it is very quick for them to escape without hesitation. Definitely it's not so easy! At 11h30, I finally have the chance to retain the animal I was looking for, at 150 meters.

Satisfied with this first day of hunting, we resume hunting three days later for the wild pig, by the end of the afternoon, the time, when the animals are coming out in the swamps to feed. Johan leaving for South Africa, leaves me in the company of Julien, a young talented archer. We left the camp by feet, in search of an animal. We met many species, but the big, very mistrustful fled away to the least alert, launched by dozens of hinds accompanied by the youngs.

The night begins to fall and I have not had a single good opportunity to shoot, when all of a sudden a black mass appears in a clearing. It is a pig, not as big as i would have liked, but it nearly night, the decision is quickly taken. I made the approach alone, to my knees in the rocks. Perhaps he did see me, he lifted the head, 3/4 front, I shot a bullet and he collapses on the spot . This is not a monster, but having always privileged the action of hunting to the importance of the trophy, I feel satisfied.

Hunters who are staying in Mauritius, book one or two days of hunting to the property of Marco: the staffs are competent and the prices are attractive. And if you have the opportunity, treat yourself to a day or a half-day of fishing at sea. Perhaps like me, you will have a chance to capture a magnificent marlin.

Hunting Stories of WolmarHunting Stories of WolmarHunting Stories of Wolmar