7. Wild Life


Deers are native to Java and were brought to Mauritius more than 350 years ago. Gregarious, they live in herds of 10 to 400 individuals.

The Wolmar Nature Reserve shelters some in its woods and plains, thus holding one of the largest local herd of wild deer : over 3000 individuals scattered on 1,700 acres of land.

It often happens that some sturdy stags fiercely confront each other, hardly looked at by their nonchalant does. There is a great rivalry amongst males as they add up to more than 200 aged above 5 years old.

Wild boars

The Mauritian 'Wild boars' originate from the domesticated pigs imported on the island by the Dutch settlers during the 17th century. Living at the heart of our forest, they eventually became wild.

Feeding on fruits, roots and earthworms, they are active especially at dusk and live in small herds, except for the males who are solitaires.

Wildlife at WolmarWildlife at WolmarWildlife at Wolmar


Migrating from the Black River gorges, bats come to spend a few months in Wolmar to feed on Eucalyptus flowers and other fruits.

They cling to the summit of trees to sleep at daytime and become active at twilight.

As they are mammals, the young often hang on to the female's belly.

Other animals

Monkeys, living in herds of 40 to 100 individuals, feed on fruits and insects and organise destructive raids in the neighbouring sugarcane fields.

The hare lives in the bushy plains each in its own territory and only comes out of its hiding place at dusk to feed on tender grass shoots.